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Nantucket’s War with ST Rentals - Wall Street Journal 2021-06-11

Sale of Adjacent Land Will Affect VFW Housing Bids Half-Acre Capt. Bertie’s Parcel is Under Contract to a Private Buyer - Provincetown Independent 2021-09-08

Site Map Developed/Reviewed for Possible Housing Development - Provincetown Independent 2021-10-06

Truro and Wellfleet Will Fail to Meet Their Housing Goals - Provincetown Independent 2021-10-07

Town Meeting Will Decide Funding and Possible Development Sites - The Provincetown Independent 2021-12-22

Community engagement on the VFW site - Provincetown Independent 2022-02-23

Closed on Wednesday Provincetown Independent 2022-02-23

With Rates Up, There Are No Rooms for Workers - Provincetown Independent 2022-04-13


Conservation Law Foundation Sues Barnstable, Mashpee, and DEP - Cape Cod Times 2021-06-18

Yarmouth Poised to Move Forward Alone on Wastewater Treatment Plant - Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK  2021-08-03

‘There is Nothing Improving’ Mashpee’s Water Quality at an All-Time Low - Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-07-29

Dennis, Yarmouth Moving on from Wastewater PactCape Cod Times | USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-07-03

Harwich Pulls Out from Regional Wastewater Agreement - Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-06-26

Officials Recommend $5 Million Dollar Bond Issue for Sewering - The Barnstable Patriot USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-08-16

EPA Awards County Septic Test Center $1.24 Million Dollars for Research - Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-08-29

Half of the Houses on Santuit Pond Fail to Pump Septic Systems - Cape Cod Times USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-08-2

Climate Changes Lets Mosquitoes Flourish - Washington Post 2021-09-19

Pond Testing for PFAS’s - Cape Cod Times 2021-10-04

Barnstable Sewer Expansion Underway - Cape Cod Times 2021-09-25

Down and Dirty With Sewers - Provincetown Independent 2022-03-02

Orleans hearing on sewer funding has more questions than answers - Cape Codder, 2022-03-17

Orleans sewer costs to be sorted out at public hearing this week -  Cape Codder, 2022-03-08

Brewster wants out on water protection - Cape Codder, 2022-03-09

Hidden Septic Tank Lands on Wellfleet Beach - Provincetown Independent 2022-04-13

Backed-up pipes, stinky yards: Climate change is wrecking septic tanks - Washington Post 2022-04-12

Septic system rules could change in early 2023, Bourne health board said - Cape Code Times, 2022-07-03

Ahead of buying Maurice's Campground, Wellfleet ponders how to deal with 35 cesspools - Cape Cod Times, 2022-07-15

Provincetown sewer emergency: Restaurants closed, water use limited. Flush only when 'necessary' - USA Today, 2022-08-12

Provincetown sewer damage relief - Provincetown Banner 2022-09-06

Provincetown Business lose out during sewer snafu – Provincetown Independent @ 2022-08-17

Miami-Dade is eliminating more dirty septic tanks – Miami Herald @ 2022-09-01

Mississippi crisis highlights climate threat to drinking water nationwideNY Times @ 2022-09-01

Independent Review of Provincetown Vacuum System Underway - Provincetown Banner @ 2022-10-06

Provincetown gets to nitty-gritty on sewer money - Provincetown Independent  @ 2022-09-21

Buyouts take flood-prone Keys properties off the market -Miami Herald @ 2022-09-18




Restaurant Relief Fund Brings Almost $9 Million to Outer Cape - Provincetown Independent 2021-08-11

Part-Time Residents Say Tax Exemption Policy Is Unfair Provincetown Independent 2021-07-28

New Tax Yields Windfall, But Not for Housing - Provincetown Independent 2021-07-07

Residential Tax Exemption - Provincetown Independent 2021-07-14

Pot Sales of $10 Million Net $610,000 for Provincetown - Provincetown Independent 2021-09-01


Surprises in Short-Term Rental Data Community Impact Fee Could Apply to Many Properties Here - Provincetown Independent 2021-08-25

Provincetown - RTE to Remain 25 Percent - Provincetown Independent 2021-08-26

Truro’s RTE Goes to 25 Percent - Provincetown Independent 2021-08-26


Final East End Park Design Comes In at $2.3 Million - Provincetown Independent 2021-10-27

As Rooms Tax Booms, Budget Decision Looms - The Provincetown Independent 022-0105

Eastham Likely to Need Budget Override, Says Bienvenue - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-05

Fire and Police Staff Swelling - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-26

Two Towns May Collaborate on Finance Work - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-19

Wellfleet Voters Will Face $750K Override - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-26

Parsing the Possibilities in a $4 Billion Bill - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-19

Select Board Tables Residential Tax Exemption Until 2023 - The Provincetown Independent 2022-02-02

Wellfleet Town Meeting Delayed by Financial Pickle - The Provincetown Independent 2022-03-16

Override to Cover Wellfleet Shortfall Grows to $1.3 Million - The Provincetown Independent 2022-02-23

The RTE is unfair for Eastham homeowners - The Provincetown Independent 2022-03-02

Publicizing Provincetown Falls Primarily to Tourism Fund - Provincetown Independent 2022-04-27

Police Station Passes With 493 Votes, Cannery Wharf Park funding approved too - Provincetown Independent 2022-05-11

Police Station and 9 Housing Articles OKed - Provincetown Independent 2022-04-06

Select board resolves town's sewer finance dilemma - Cape Codder 2022-04-03

State Will Cut Towns’ Cannabis Receipts in HalfProvincetown Independent @ 2022-09-14

First $10 Million in ARPA Funds Begins to Reach TownsProvincetown Independent @ 2022-08-24

Outer Cape collects $8.9 million in Room Tax revenueProvincetown Independent @ 2022-08-24


What $65 Billion Dollar Broadband Plan Will Do - Cape Cod Times/Associated Press 2021-08-12

Fiber- Optic Broadband Perfect Fit for Falmouth - Cape Cod Times/USA TODAY NETWORK 2021-07-02

STM Is Put Off as Town Can’t Set Tax Rate - Provincetown Independent 2021-11-03

Directing Rescue Funds to Broadband - Provincetown Independent 2022-01-19

Letter from the Editor: Are You Being Served?  - Provincetown Independent 2022-01-26

Falmouth Creates Municipal Utility for Broadband - 2022-04-06

Falmouth moves forward with plans for a municipal internet utility; some advise caution - Cape Cod Times 2022-04-15

Letter from the editor: Broadband on the Narrowland - Provincetown Independent 2022-04-22

JioAirFiber to Give You Gigabit Speeds Over the Air - Telecom Talk @ 2022-08-29

Comcast and Charter face a grim new reality DNYUZ, 2022-08-30



A July 4 View of Provincetown, From Behind the Wheel - Provincetown Independent 2021-07-07 

Outer Cape Towns Struggle to Fill Board Vacancies - Provincetown Independent 2021-07-07

Provincetown Reboots Police Station Plans - Provincetown Independent 2021-09-11

The Provincetown Independent Updates Readers on Their Financial/Circulation Progress - Provincetown Independent 2021-10-05

Should Finance Committees Have Oversight Authority? - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-05

1,000 Errors Fixed So Far, As Search Continues - The Provincetown Independent 2021-12-22

EMS Challenges, a Regional Study - The Provincetown Independent 2022-01-19

Provincetown Holding Police Station Info Sessions - Cape Cod Daily 2022-03-17

Police Station, Housing Efforts Top Provincetown Agenda - The Provincetown Independent 2022-03-09

What Are Schools For? - The Provincetown Independent 2022-03-02

Governor Bradford sold for $3.6M - Advisor News, 2022-04-01

EMS Study: It’s Time to Phase Out Lower Cape Ambulance - The Provincetown Independent 2022-04-20

Will power go out again in Provincetown? Eversource says answer is in new $49M investmentProvincetown Banner @ 2022-09-15

Old Reliable project may soon move beyond appeal - Provincetown Independent @ 2022-08-31