PPRTA Priorities

1. Support infrastructure investments [click for more details]

      a. PPRTA advocates for investments in:
             i. Broadband [click for more details]
            ii. Sewer system [click for more details]
           iii. Police Station [click for more details]
           iv. Fire Station/EMS [click for more details]


     b. Other capital items being discussed by town leaders:
            i. Housing
           ii. Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center
          iii. DPW Garage ($25 million)
          iv. Annual capital needs/requests

2. Support fiscal prudence in the town’s operating and capital budgets [click for more details]

3. Support tax fairness for all property owners  [click for more details]

4. Support voting by part-time resident taxpayers [click for more details]

Helpful Links

Make Your Voice Heard 

1. Attend local town meetings and make your voice heard. Traditionally, part-time residents have virtually no voice at town meetings. 


2. Join the PPRTA. Every member counts.


3. Tell your part-time resident neighbors and friends to join. 


4. Educate your full-time neighbors on why this unfair Residential Tax Exemption policy must change. Explain that part-time residents seek to vote on budget-related matters. 

5. Follow PPRTA on Facebook and share our page with your friends.


6. Donate to our Action Fund.


7. Consider joining our Board or volunteering with our organization to help mobilize support.