Member Spotlight: Alexandra Foucard

Alexandra and her collaborator David Sisco are currently performing at Tin Pan Alley.

“This is the place for me!"

Thirteen years ago, in the dead of winter, Alexandra’s partner Patricia suggested a getaway to Provincetown, and Alexandra, originally from Haiti, responded “Are you out of your mind?” They arrived on a grey day in February. There was snow on the sand at the beach, and the waves looked ominous. She fell in love with Provincetown. Now Alexandra comes to Provincetown in every season, “any spare moment,” even though she works in NYC, a 6 hour drive away. She enthusiastically states: “Provincetown is our home.” She has been here every weekend this month. Her family spends most holidays here in the home they bought four and a half years ago. In order to do so, they chose to liquidate their New York apartment and rent a one-bedroom. This is where they plan to retire. As they were closing on the house (also in February), Alexandra met the creator of “Off-Season”, and took part in the 14-episode series, also shot in the dead of winter. It will be showing this weekend (June 26th & 27th) at the Provincetown Theater. Alexandra loves the balance of creativity and natural beauty here. Experiences like being moved to tears at Herring Cove witnessing a whale breaching, make it clear to her that she’s in the right place. Alexandra is passionate about being a part of the community, so she immersed herself in it. She loves the sense of community she feels in Provincetown. This is where her family feels comfortable. She has amazing neighbors, who, particularly when the radiators exploded this past winter, offered to help without even being asked. Alexandra ‘s invitation: “Take the time to get to know us.” Part-timers just want to be accepted for who we are. We don’t want to be “us and them”. We just want to be us. Alexandra Foucard is an actor, singer, performer and real estate agent. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner Patricia and their two dogs, Stella and Samson. They have one son, Philippe-Henry, age 21. Alexandra has been a member of PPRTA since its inception.

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