Member Spotlight: Jack Hornor

Jack Hornor and his partner, Ron Skinn.​

"Givers, not takers."

Jack grew up in Manhattan, and spent summers at his family’s home in Osterville. On the first Friday of August 1990, at low point in his life, Jack, age 35, came to Provincetown for the first time, on the invitation of a friend who said, “Come to Provincetown. This will help you!” On Saturday morning, Jack announced “I’m gay!” Jack then met his partner Ron, and the two began spending summers in Provincetown. They bought their home here in 2012 and live here from mid-June through end-September. Although residents of Northampton, Provincetown is where they spend the longest continuous time in one place. They plan to be here for the rest of their lives. Jack loves the energy of this town, especially the restaurants and shows, as well as the compactness of it, not having to drive everywhere but being able to walk around town or bring groceries home in the milk crate on his bike. When in Provincetown, Jack volunteers as a driver for HOW and a gofer for Swim for Life. Every Thursday morning, no matter where he finds himself, Jack reads the Banner from cover to cover to keep up on local political and social issues. Jack has been active in Northampton politics for a long time. He was the former chair of the Northampton Community Preservation Committee and currently serves as chair of the campaign committee for Northampton’s mayor. He was a founding board member of MassEquality and has recently rejoined that board. He has worked in fundraising for non-profit organizations and was a fundraising consultant. Jack is disappointed that part-timers cannot serve on town boards, since he and others like him have so much to offer, and participation by conference call is now common elsewhere. Jack refers to himself and other part-time residents as "Givers, not takers. Part-timers are here because we care about Provincetown and want to contribute in some way. We chose to buy here. We want to be positive contributing citizens."

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