Member Spotlight: Michael Casey

Michael Casey hosts "Footlights" which airs Sundays @ noon on WOMR.​

"Hearts and minds."

Michael is originally from Massachusetts, so vacations on Cape Cod were standard. He attended MassArt in the late 60’s when the thing to do was to hitchhike to Provincetown. He fondly remembers dancing the jerk at the A-House to “Multi & the Barbarians”. In 1972 Michael moved to New York City, where he currently resides and works. At that time, New Yorkers tended to rent in the Hamptons or Fire Island. But Michael always felt something was missing... something you can only get here…“the smell of the clean salt air.” In the early 90’s Michael rented a place here in Provincetown. He then bought rental property. But after two years of renting to others, he decided to move in himself. Now he is here ten days each month year-round. Michael calls Provincetown “my spa, my peaceful spot, where I relax and recharge.” When he is here he loves bicycling to sunsets and sunrises, reading, going to the gym, or getting a massage or acupuncture, catching up with writer friends, having early dinners. He enjoys the simplicity here as well as the culture. A few years ago, in the dead of winter, he cold-called Seashore Point to ask if they’d like a program of musical theater talks. Michael provided this monthly program for years. When that ended, he decided to email WOMR and began hosting a program called “Footlights” which airs every Sunday @ noon. Michael is passionate about conservation, clean water, maintaining the beaches, and supporting the arts, especially theater. He would love to see the Provincetown Theater expand. Michael’s message to year-rounders: “We love our town. We’re here to work together and help one another with open hearts and open minds.” Michael sees us all as family, the good and the bad, warts and all.

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