Member Spotlight: Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly recently showed his art at Alden Gallery.​

"Stick your toe in the water."

Paul and his partner Ed had been architects on Block Island for 25 years. At some point, they realized that their vacation spot had become their work. So they made a conscious decision to live art community by the sea where they would not be anchored to a boat schedule. When they decided to buy here, almost 9 years ago, it was the worst time to buy, as prices were the highest and inventory lowest in years. Nevertheless, they bought a home here and lived in it while restoring it. Three years later, they moved to their current home that includes office space as well as studio space where Paul can pursue his painting. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Paul started his painting career here in Provincetown, taking classes at PAAM and also at FAWC. He recently had a show of his work at Alden Gallery. His art reflects his love of the crazy, irregular patterns of streets and houses found only in Provincetown. Paul is thrilled to be part of a small community that respects its heritage and is concerned about preservation of its character. He chooses to live in an environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle with biking and the seashore trails. He loves the proximity of studios, galleries, museums, and meeting other artists and people with shared interests. Paul is passionate about creating community, and puts his architectural talents at the service of Provincetown by, for example, contributing plans and drawings for the proposed police station, and working with a network of people to address “what-ifs” and clarify details. As a member of Provincetown 365, Paul helped explore housing possibilities for the Winslow Farm property, developing a site plan, and working to identify categories that needed to be examined. Paul also serves on the advisory board and the building committee of FAWC, currently working with a team of architects to look at the courtyard space and imagine a more visually beautiful use of this artistic property. Paul calls Provincetown his home, although he still maintains a small condo in Boston as his residence, primarily for medical appointments. His message to all who live here in Provincetown, whether full or part-time: “Stick your toe in the water!” Paul feels strongly that it is important to participate in our community. To those who are not specifically involved, he says take note and appreciate members of the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, the Building Committee, and others who voluntarily serve this community.

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