Member Spotlight: Daniel Mullin

Daniel Mullin was an honoree at this year's Fine Arts Work Center Summer Awards Celebration.​

"Sharing this little piece of heaven."

Daniel grew up in the suburbs of Boston. In 1965, he was working in Falmouth, and first came to Provincetown with friends. He remembers eating dinner at the old Howard Johnsons. In the 60’s it was an open community, and for a gay person, it was heaven. Dan continued coming to Provincetown with friends for years because it was so much fun. Dan is here mostly on weekends all year round. He’s been a homeowner here for 40 years. His extended family has also been coming here for 40 years…his grand-niece got into Wake Forest based on her college essay about diversity in Provincetown. When he moved to his current residence, he sold his first residence here, and invited his tenant to move into his new home, living upstairs in the winter, and downstairs in the summer. When his tenant developed cancer and wanted to come home to die, Dan was concerned that the downstairs, where the tenant wanted to be, had no bathroom. So on aTuesday Dan called the local plumber and contractor, and byFriday, when the tenant was released from the Boston hospital, he had a bathroom, so he could die comfortably at home. That’s the magic of Provincetown. Dan recalls the kindness and generosity of the local Portuguese women during the 80’s AIDS crisis, and how they nursed and took care of 400 cases of AIDS victims. He remembers the first Carnival, which was started to counter the loss of tourism due to the AIDS crisis. Dan is grateful to live in this "little piece of heaven," so he shares his home with the town. Dan has opened his home as a fundraising venue for many causes, including the library, GLAD, and AIDS Action benefits, as well as various political fundraisers, most recently for Hillary Clinton. He also opens his home during the Pan Mass Challenge, offering clean towels, showers and a lunch provided by Angel Foods. Almost 10 years ago, Dan joined the board of FAWC, and began the summer fundraisers there. This year, he was the honoree, and his art collection was on view at FAWC. "Provincetown is home to me and my family."

Message to the town: “Thank you for sharing this little piece of heaven. I appreciate it and want to give back.”

In memoriam December 2020

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