Member Spotlight: Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott, Louis, and Michael McGuill​

“Life Plan: To live here full-time.”

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott has been in Provincetown full time since the end of June, recuperating from a devastating cancer diagnosis. It is here he chose to wage his battle against this diagnosis. His illness has made him even more appreciative of this "outstanding community." He recounts the story of a full-time resident and store owner who reached out to him, sending away customers and closing his store to spend an hour sharing how he survived cancer. This is the Provincetown Jonathan knows and love... the place that in time of need, residential status does not matter. Jonathan was born in California, raised in Manhattan, went to college in Boston, and never looked back. A resident of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Jonathan works at Victory Programs, a non- profit organization established in 1975 to help the homeless, addressing issues of housing, addictions, and AIDS. He has been there his entire professional life, starting at age 18 as the Victory Programs first volunteer while attending college, to full time employment, to appointment as the Executive Director, to now President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Jonathan came to Provincetown for the first time with a date in 1979, and could not believe the beauty of the national seashore. When Jonathan arrived, Provincetown was still a fishing village. He recalls there were no other houses facing the Moors. He always came back, sharing summer rentals with friends to eventually buying here. He has been coming to Provincetown for over 35 years. “There are lots of ways to be proud of this town, especially its natural beauty and its strong community,” Jonathan says. His husband, Dr. Michael McGuill, is a veterinarian, acupuncturist, and full-time resident of Provincetown. Jonathan and Mike have a 13 year old son, Louis. Jonathan recalls that when Louis was a baby the family felt isolated, and wanted to connect. So every year they participate in Family Week, meeting same sex parents from around the country. He says “As a gay man, bringing up a child here is wonderful.” Louis loves nature, the tidal pools, Audubon camp, and fishing with Captain Woods. After renting by the season for many years, they finally bought a home five years ago on Miller Hill. The family was done with the cities and had considered other areas. In the end, the answer was Provincetown. They have lots of friends here, many who are are slowly starting to come here year-round. “This is my home and my community,” Jonathan says. “My life plan is to live here full time.” Jonathan is in Provincetown three nights a week all year long. He very much understands and appreciates what it is like to live here off-season. When the lights go down after Labor Day, he and Mike go out to dinner to support the local businesses that stay open, to help the businesses who want to be here. They do their shopping locally, at Farland, and 141 because “they hire people and this is their livelihood.” Jonathan continues to dedicate his time to working in Boston with those afflicted by AIDS. When here, Jonathan does something different. He joined the board of the Provincetown Theater about 3-1/2 years ago. Offering his fundraising and organizational experience, he wants to see the theater grow and thrive. Jonathan calls FAWC, PAAM, and the ProvincetownTheater “the “Three Sisters,” nurturing all the town’s artists. Jonathan has participated in the Swim for Life every year for years. Due to his current health challenges, he could not swim this year. Not deterred, he and a friend started a joint fundraising page to raise $5K for the Compact. He considers it the most beautiful fundraising event because it celebrates the community coming together. Jonathan has been a PPRTA member since its inception. He says PPRTA is giving a voice to those who have made an investment here and care what is happening in town, but who otherwise do not have a platform. "It’s not to get a reduced parking sticker, but because we could really help support the town. We are homeowners who care deeply and add to the healthy and robust nature of the town," Jonathan explains. Jonathan's message to year rounders: "Returning to Provincetown from a trip, and flying in over the National Seashore with the light beaming through the clouds, I thought this is the most beautiful place I have ever ever seen, and we are so lucky to be here. It is such a gem. We have to do everything we can to preserve this. It is such a gift on every single level. And to all the locals who reached out to us, this is why we’re here. Through the worst of the AIDS epidemic, Provincetown took care of their own. Full-timers and part-timers create a balance for each other. We believe in the Provincetown community."

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