Member Spotlight: Kath Cote

Kath Cote (right) with her partner Kim Cromwell.​

"Part-time residents are townies too."

Kath Cote, a retiree from the "High Tech" world, spends her winters in Florida and her summers in Provincetown. Born and raised in central Massachusetts, Kath started visiting Provincetown in the 1970s. She and her partner Kim decided in the '80s that they had to add "this wonderful place to our lives…to create a home here, no matter how small." So she purchased a studio on Bangs Street. Kath says, "Inviting family and friends to share in this part of our lives" is what Provincetown is all about for her and her partner. So as friends and family grew to love Provincetown through their visits here, Kim and Kath decided they needed more space...moving to a two bedroom, then finally rescuing a house that faced serious structural issues. Together they restored the house and now call it home. And for the last five years, her father also spends summers here. As one friend stated, Provincetown has become Kim and Kath's "emotional home." These days Kath spends much of her time serving on various corporate boards. She & Kim regularly donate to local groups including SKIP, the Provincetown Library, the 4th of JulyFireworks, FAWC, PAAM, the Swim for Life, and HOW — and they are two of the founders of the “Pilgrim Bark Park," a place for woman's best friend. Although they live half the year away, they have a priority to support the community. Their commitment extends beyond the non-profits — They’ve even purchased cemetery plots with friends, ensuring they will end up in Provincetown no matter what. One of her favorite pastimes is just walking down Commercial Street, soaking up the wonderful diversity of the town. Kath explains that Provincetown has always been "rich with different cultures, heritages and traditions...a safe haven" for all. Kath sees PPRTA as a vehicle to provide "a voice" and "visibility" to those who might not otherwise be heard or seen. She feels part-time residents can bring to the table many different talents and experiences that could be of real service to the Provincetown community. After all, as Kath puts it, part-time residents "are townies too." "It is important that we continue to be united as one community and resist any efforts that may divide us,” she concludes. Kath Cote, a co-founder of the Pilgrim Bark Park, has been a member of PPRTA since its inception.

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