Member Spotlight: Cynthia Newberry Martin

Cyntha Newberry Martin

“the place I love most in the whole world“

Cynthia Newberry Martin grew up in the 60's in the heart of Atlanta. After attending college in North Carolina, Cynthia taught English in France and then practiced law, finding time to have four children.

She's always been a reader, and it was books that carried Cynthia through all those years of parenting. When she finally had a free moment sometime in the late 90's and thought about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she decided she'd like to try writing which became her new passion. Her writing is what drew Cynthia to Provincetown.

In 2006, Cynthia came to take a workshop at the Fine Arts Work Center and she fell in love with Provincetown; with the people, the light, the air, the tides, the houses, the streets, the sidewalks, the gardens, the wind, the snow! When the house she had been renting was for sale, Cynthia couldn’t bear to leave it, so she bought it and is now in Provincetown every month, twelve months a year. Here, she can write, walk the town and beaches, visit East End Books and revel in the Tennessee Williams Festival. In fact, Provincetown inspired Cynthia’s novel, Tidal Flats.

When a neighbor told Cynthia about the Provincetown Part-Time Resident Taxpayers Association, she saw there was an organization that was working to involve part-time residents in the community, and wanted to support it and be a part of it. Full-timers, she says, are so lucky to be able to live year-round in “the place I love most in the whole world. “ She wants her full-time neighbors to know how much part-timers love Provincetown too and in the many ways they contribute to the community.

Cynthia currently spends part of her days in Columbus, GA, with her husband. She spends the other days in Provincetown, in a little house by the water.

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