Member Spotlight: Kevin Cronin

Kevin Cronin and partner Glenn Hilburn

"We can feel all the stress leaving our bodies."

Kevin first visited PTown celebrating his college graduation – out of courtesy we won’t say when that was. However, Kevin and his husband, Glenn Hilburn, have been Provincetown homeowners for the past five years. They live in Atlanta, GA. where Glenn is working in IT for the healthcare industry, and Kevin is searching for his next career move with a background in Banking, Finance, HR and Marketing.

In deciding to buy a home in town, Kevin and Glenn considered Provincetown as a retirement option. As a consequence of this decision, they spend more and more time here throughout the year to get to know the town and community better. They love being in town in September when the light and the weather are amazing! This couple love doing anything outside. The Dune Tour, with wine and a bonfire at night, is one of their favorite experiences. They love going to the beach for sunset and happy hour. These guys love the architecture and the walkability of the town.

Glenn and Kevin have been coming to PTown for eight years together. When boarding the ferry they can feel all the stress leaving their bodies. Like so many of us, they feel at home in PTown and love how they can walk to everything. Of course, depression sets in when they get ready to return to Atlanta, having to leave this special place.

Kevin has always been very involved in his neighborhood in Atlanta and naturally felt he and Glenn should be connected to other part timers in Provincetown to be aware of what is going on locally. They want to make sure the town is thriving along with the community. Kevin read about the PPRTA’s annual meeting and he and Glenn decided to join the organization since they have a home in town. They want full-timers to know they are their neighbors and love this town as well. This couple wants PTown to be a great place for all of us to live and be a town that is a vibrant, safe place.

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