Member Spotlight: Laura Rood

Laura Rood

“Now I can relax!”

“Now I can relax!” That’s what Laura says to herself every time she crosses the Sagamore bridge on her way home to Provincetown. Born in Brooklyn and retired from her career as an advance practice psychiatric nurse, Laura lives full time now in Provincetown after being part-time since 1985 and while also keeping doorknobs in Boston and New York.

Laura first discovered Provincetown, as many of us did, on a day trip. That was in 1971. She eventually purchased her home here in 1985. Purchasing was an easy decision; Provincetown is close to where Laura worked in Boston, is gay friendly, and of course beautiful. Being here full-time allows Laura to walk, socialize with friends, take in the amazing light, and gaze at the sea.

After seeing a PPRTA ad in the Banner two years ago, Laura decided to join the organization to be part of a group of folks who care about the town. She knows part-time residents contribute a lot to the town and that most part-timers are not rich. In fact, Laura is quite active in town matters herself; you may have read some of her letters and commentary in local newspapers. She hopes part-timers have more access to town committees and increase full-timers’ awareness of the contributions of their part-time neighbors.

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