Member Spotlight: Pat Miller

Alexadra Foucard, Pat Miller, and their son Philippe-Henry

"Provincetown and Provincetown Alone"

Pat Miller rides in the PanMass Challenge every year to raise money for cancer research. She does this in memory of a friend who had brain cancer. You see, during his illness, Pat and her friend and their partners decided to vacation in Provincetown. The two of them found this quaint house to rent. The following year Pat and her partner Alex rented the house again. Since they had a spare set of keys, they asked the owners if they should simply hold the keys for next year or, hey, maybe buy the place. The owners decided to sell to finance their own dream. And that is how Pat Miller came to be a part-time resident.

Originally from New York, Pat grew up in Maine eventually returning to New York to work. While Pat owns her home in Provincetown, she rents in Brooklyn – so not technically a “second homeowner.” Pat works for the City of New York as the Chief of the Special Federal Litigation Division in the Office of the Corporation Counsel. The Division handles all federal lawsuits through jury trial brought against NYC law enforcement including NYPD officers. As you can imagine that job never has a dull moment.

Pat ran to Provincetown as soon as she came out of the closet at a young age. She says Provincetown has such natural and inspiring beauty that she wanted to buy in Provincetown and Provincetown alone with the expectation to retire here one day. Pat and Alex are in Provincetown at every chance they have except for a few weeks in July/August for rentals to help pay for the continuing tax burden. Pat is in Provincetown when the streets are windy, cold, and about as desolate as it gets. Provincetown offers a tremendous refuge for Pat from a job that has extraordinary pressure.

When in town, Pat likes to bike, hike, kayak, complain about the Select Board -- pretty much everything the year-rounders do. One day off-season while kayaking in the bay, Pat looked back at shore and thought “Yup, this is it!” Besides the natural beauty, Pat loves Provincetown because of its people. She says, “Putting aside the few loud mouths on social media who speak nonsense; and putting aside a few public officials who are just sadly biased for inexplicable reasons toward folks from ‘away’ (even though we all are ‘from away’ at one time or another); everyone else are just wonderful neighbors and good people.”

Pat joined PPRTA because she thought it would be fun to meet some new people with whom to hike and walk. Little did she know what she was getting into! Pat believes PPRTA’s singular purpose should be to have a meaningful voice in the Provincetown community. To those few year-rounders who have said negative things about so-called “part timers”, Pat has an offer: “Sit down with me for just one beverage of your choice. I bet you’ll walk away with at least one nice thing to say about part-timers.”

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