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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I join the PPRTA?

  • You receive information from us that you might otherwise not be aware of.

  • You add your voice to the only organization speaking on behalf of part-time residents in Provincetown.

  • You support our work of highlighting part-time residents' contributions and involvement in Provincetown.

  • You are invited to our seminars where we meet with local leaders and officials in a dialogue.

  • You are invited to our social events to meet and network with other part-time residents.

  • You support our participation with other regional part-time resident groups working on common concerns.

2. How can I meet my fellow PPRTA members?

  • Attend our seminars with local leaders.

  • Attend our annual meeting in the spring.

  • Attend one of our social events.

  • Join us when we support local non-profits at fundraising events.

3. What do my membership dues pay for?
We pay no salaries and have no employees. We are a 100 percent volunteer-run organization. Dues go directly to supporting our administrative costs such as:

  • post office box

  • website

  • government filing fees

  • liability insurance

  • printed information 

  • Limited advertising in support of local institutions (WOMR, Portuguese Festival).

4. What percentage of the tax burden falls on part-time residents?
The Provincetown assessor estimates that part-time residents own 85 percent of residential parcels (mostly condominiums) and pay 85 percent of the residential taxes, plus additional personal property tax.

5. What percentage of part-time versus full-time residents reside in Provincetown? 
We estimate approximately 3,422 part-time resident households and  712 full-time resident households.


6. Can part-time residents join town boards or committees?

The people of Provincetown recently amended the Town Charter to allow part-time residents to sit as alternates on non-regulatory committees, including, but not limited to, the Finance Committee. CLICK to review the list.

7. Why do part-time residents have to pay a personal property tax?
The personal property tax is state-wide and is compulsory.  Provincetown does not discriminate in this. See Chapter 59 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

8. Do part-time residents pay more for a parking permit?
No! We used to, but due largely to our lobbying efforts, part-time residents and full-time residents now pay the same amount  for parking permits.

9. Are part-time residents charged more for shellfish fees, mooring fees and, dingy dock fees?
No. Part-time residents pay the same fee as full-time residents. There has never been a difference in shell-fish fees and mooring fees are set by state law. The language around dingy dock fees was clarified in 2014 to charge part-time residents the same fee as full-time residents.

10. When my time comes, can I be buried in the municipal cemetery?
Maybe. In 2019 the Cemetery commission updated the regulations. The regulation reads "any person who currently maintains a primary residence in Provincetown or has previously resided in Provincetown at any time for at least ten years as evidenced by the Town’s records or otherwise to the satisfaction of the Commission."

11. Town Hall is closed on weekends. How can I transact business with town officials?
Most business at town hall can be handled by mail, telephone or over the internet. If by some chance you need to meet with a town official on the weekend, call that office. Town employees will make every effort to help you transact your business, even setting up a meeting on the weekend.

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