Membership in the Provincetown Part-Time Residents Taxpayers Association is open to any part-time resident taxpayer (including partner/spouse), over the age of 21, who owns real estate in the Town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, upon written/online application to the Treasurer. Each membership is entitled to one vote.


Your support of the PPRTA allows us to work with other part-time resident groups on the Outer Cape to ensure our voices are heard at the local, regional, and state levels. We speak on your behalf when appropriate and provide you with ways you can make yourself heard. The Provincetown assessor estimates that part-time residents own 85 percent of residential parcels (mostly condominiums) and pay 85 percent of the residential taxes, plus additional personal property tax, yet we have no voice or vote in budget matters.


Through our Spotlight series, the PPRTA illuminates the many positive contributions part-timers make to our community. Our seminars and annual social events provide networking opportunities with town leaders, year-rounders, and fellow part-time residents. 


This year, we are working hard to grow our membership and advocate more for all part-time resident taxpayers. We cannot do this without your support. 

We offer several different membership levels:

  • $35  - Individual

  • $50  - 2 people or more in the same household

  • $100 – Supporter

  • $200 – Friend

  • $500 - Benefactor

  • $1,000+ - Patron 


Please join or renew today!


If you are an existing member renewing your membership, we ask that you also complete the Online Membership Application just to be sure we have all of your information up to date. 

Click below on the Online Membership Application Form in order to complete your details and select your membership level. 

PATRON - $1,000+

Anthony Abbatiello & Chad Johnson

Kim Kiefer & Gisele Parry

Scott Van Hove

BENEFACTOR - $500-$999

Steven Fossella

Harvey Reese & Jonathan Murray


FRIEND - $200 - $499

Anonymous (1)

Rosemary & Tom Boyle

Jean Marc De Silva & Daniel Spring

James Eckerle & Mark Renfrow

Drew Glick & Alan Miles

Beth & Kurt Hansson

L.J. Mitchell

Patrick Sears & Jeff Williams

Patrick Perri & William Tarantola

Christine & Bryan Walker

SUPPORTER - $100 - $199

Anonymous (11)

Kenneth Baker & Andrew Harrison

Robert Biddleman & Dan Sullivan
Georgia Bills & Wes Slate
Susan Rand Brown & Dan Kelman
Kevin Cronin & Glenn Hilburn
Diane DiCarlo & Jeanne Leszcynski
Todd Dickey & Cliff Teston
Scott Dodd & Eric von Platen Luder

Mike Duffy & Larry Isleib

Dennis Fitzkee & Bernard Langeluttig
Alexandra Foucard & Pat Miller
Larry Hyer

Claire Hamel & Ellen Schwartz

Rusty Jenkens & James White
Michael Litvin

Cindy Lux & Michaela Murtagh

Hirschel McGinnis & David O'Dowd

David Mills

Richard Patt
Helene Rabinovitz
Michael Rodgers & Alan Roth
Laura Rood

Gil Schulenberg & Bill Smith
Joel & Karen Shaw
Dan Squire