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Membership in the Provincetown Part-Time Residents Taxpayers Association is open to any part-time resident taxpayer (including partner/spouse), over the age of 21, who owns real estate in the Town of Provincetown, Massachusetts, upon written/online application to the Treasurer. 


The Provincetown Assessor estimates that part-time residents own 85 percent of residential parcels (mostly condominiums) and pay 85 percent of the residential taxes, yet we have no voice  in budget matters. Your support of the PPRTA ensures our voices are heard at the local, regional, and state levels. We speak on your behalf when appropriate and provide you with ways you can make yourself heard.


Our seminars and annual social events provide networking opportunities with town leaders, year-rounders, and fellow part-time residents. We are working hard to grow our membership and advocate more for all part-time resident taxpayers. We cannot do this without your support. 

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NOTE: All plans renew automatically annually.

Membership Levels

  • Single Membership

    Every year
    Individual plan for one person
  • Dual Membership

    Every year
    Membership for two people in the same household.
  • Supporter

    Every year
    Dual membership + $50 donation
  • Friend

    Every year
    Dual membership + $150 donation
  • Benefactor

    Every year
    Dual membership + $450 donation
  • Patron

    Every year
    Dual membership + $950 donation

Plans automatically renew annually.


Honor Roll of Donors

The PPRTA is exceptionally thankful for the donations of these members.

PATRON - $1,000+

Scott Van Hove

Anthony Abbatiello & Chad Johnson

BENEFACTOR - $500-$999

Harvey Reese & Jonathan Murray


FRIEND - $200 - $499


Kellie Buckley & David Gironi

Larry Busching & Dan O'Donnell

Paul Consoli & Brian Luke

Drew Glick & Alan Miles

Allison Gray 

Rosemary Kelley Boyle & Tom Boyle

Richard Patt & Jose Labrador

Pat Sears & Jeff Williams

SUPPORTER - $100 - $199

Anonymous (2)

Jennifer Louise Beightley & Kris Fador

Mark Cohen & Jerry Hyman

Kath Cote & Kimberly Cromwell

Kevin Cronin & Glenn Hilburn

Christopher Daley & Larry Fischer

Scott Dodd & Eric von Platen Luder

Johannes Eijmberts & Wiebe Tinga

Allan Eyden 

Dennis Fitzkee 

Steven Fossella 

Joel Frost & Thomas Magaraci

John Gaitenby & Robert Newell

John George & Peter Maye

Bob Greene 

Lazaro Hernandez & Steve Figlmiller

Larry Hyer 

Brian Johnson 

Kim Kiefer & Gisele Parry

Toni Levin   

Pat Miller & Alexandra Foucard

Michaela Murtagh & Cindy Lux

Robert Raimo & John Vernon

Ellen Schwart & Claire Hamel

Joel Shaw & Karen Shaw


Lee Ash

Ken Boyar

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